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2017 A Year to Celebrate Friendship

2017 – A Year to Celebrate Friendship

Bringing in the New Year is a time to celebrate! We celebrate last year’s accomplishments and look forward to next year’s goals. It’s a time for appreciating what we have and a time for sharing with friends and family.

This year Tatiana and I hosted friends from Florissant MO as we looked forward to New Year 2017. Lynn and Crystal are family friends we haven’t seen in a couple years. They arrived the night of the 30th. New Year’s Eve morning we all had bacon and eggs, enjoyed coffee, and spent the day playing board games with our two sons while catching up on the past year.

Lynn and Crystal shared stories of their recent vacation. My two sons shared about soccer, basketball, and school. Tatiana and I shared our 2017 goals and gave them a tour of our new home. We exchanged gifts, laughed, played, and took some time to watch a family of deer walk across the yard.

That evening our boys stayed home while the adults got all dressed up for an evening of Rhythm & Blues as we went to the Lyceum Theatre in Arrow Rock for their Rockin’ Eve Celebration with the Memphis Misfits. It was a great show and well worth the trip.

Thank you all for a great 2016. I look forward to seeing you throughout the upcoming year.

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